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    My name is Fernando and I have just released the latest version of an app called
    "myTrip". It is a trip planner where you have access to more than 28.000 places in more than 230 countries. It has a neat user interface, where the information is showed in a very beautiful way. You can create a trip for your next vacations in a couple of minutes with a very easy to use drag & drop interface. The app promotes the discovery and exploration of new places, through maps and geo-location. The creation of a trip it's pretty simple:

    1. Name your trip
    2. Select the countries and the places you are going to visit
    3. Create the itinerary dragging and dropping the places
    4. Your travel guide is instantly created, with translations from you language to those languages spoken in the countries you are going to


    Explore your world
    ○ More than*28.000*places
    ○ Over 230 countries
    ○ Easy to use drag & drop user interface
    ○ Group and order information, know which are the best places to visit
    ○ Full phrase translations to the countries you are visiting
    ○ Discover what is near you*with geo-location
    Information is beautiful:
    ○ Astonishing timelines with contextual historical dates
    ○ Building height comparisons,
    ○ Artwork size comparers
    ○ Weather info
    ○ Amazing maps showing health, crime and other stats in*layers
    High quality data
    ○ All the*Unesco*places on the earth
    ○ Access to the*artworks*of the museums
    ○ YouTube HD videos
    ○ Real-time*webcams, discover what's happening
    Other features
    ○ Explore all this data in more than*32 languages
    ○ All the trips you create are synchronized across all your windows 8 devices.
    ○ Everything offline, the data travels with you, no matter lack of internet connection

    Release Date: 15/01/2014
    Price: Free*
    Platform: Windows 8/ Windows 8.1

    Teasing page. you will find a click&play section where you can test the app without downloading it:


    Press kit:


    Store download link:


    In case you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


    Fernando Urkijo
    09-23-2014 05:52 AM

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