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    Good plan is timetable app combined with calendar and reminder. Ideal for pupils and students. App have many options like week A and B (odd and even), tasks, homeworks, exams, many colors, teachers, rooms. Its unique feature is that homeworks and exams are adding coresponding to lessons and classes, not in separate mode. Another unique feature is viewing lessons and classes by days of month or weeks of year. What i mean is that most timetable app show only Monday, Wednesday etc, Good plan shows you Monday 22/09 and Monday 29/09. This way Monday 22/09 can have different lessons, homeworks and exams that Monday 29/09.

    App is very popular, its most downloaded and rated timetable app worldwide.
    App have Windows8 version, very popular too.
    January 2014 app won award in Nokia Create at category Cross-8.

    Key features:
    - App have beautifull transparent LiveTile in all sizes
    - App allow landscape mode to view whole week
    - App have synchronization with PC version, and soon automatic sync thanks to WP8.1 and Win8.1
    - App have 24 languages with full UI translations, plus you can add new languages yourself!

    09-24-2014 02:04 PM

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