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    PIP (Peripherals In Phone) is a compass app to help you traverse the wastelands while you avoid the fallout. It can also help light the way if needed with the added flashlight.

    Fallout purists will want to leave it set to monochrome, but for those that don't venture out from the vault much, there is a multi-color mode.

    Store link for PIP

    * Compass display.
    * Flashlight (Can use LED or turn screen white).
    * Pin the flashlight to your start screen for faster access to the flashlight.
    * LED can be enabled to shine with the screen locked (Must be enabled in settings first).
    * Two color modes, “Monochrome” or “Multi-Colored”.
    * Shows battery level while the compass is displayed.
    * Tap the four corners of the display to have PIP speak to you (Speech must be set to “ON” in settings).
    * Screen can be set to not time out (Turn off) in the settings (Not available in trial).
    * Use voice commands to activate the app with your voice... Just hold the Windows key and say, “PIP Torch”, “PIP Battery” or “PIP Compass” to have PIP start and activate the flashlight, tell you your battery level, or just display the compass.

    Clear Tiles:
    pip-clear01.png pip-clear02.png

    Original Tiles:
    pip-old01.png pip-old02.png

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    It's a little quiet in here :(

    PIP was just updated to version which changed the app model from paid w/ free trial to free w/ in-app purchase to remove ads. Anyone who has previously paid for PIP should update the app and grab the free token to keep it ad free when switching to a new/different device! Sorry for the inconvenience.
    11-19-2014 12:23 PM

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