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    A new way to stay in touch and keep memories in a secure, simple and easy manner. Add all kinds of information or media to your words in seconds in both life bite story form (Notapics) or with live messages to friends. Give your words more power and your stories deeper meaning, whilst maintaining your privacy.

    Send pictures + gifs
    Send videos
    Send sounds
    Send Links
    Send Locations get directions
    Send multiple friends messages
    Send vanishing messages
    Complete delete - both sides of conversations
    Encrypted secure services
    Custom backgrounds
    Full Notifications + Live tiles
    Quick send

    Links for videos from popular sites will play in app, as will direct linked pictures, gifs or mp3 files. Live streaming can also be watched in app by adding the appropriate link.
    Voice and video calling are NOT available yet but will be added in due course so please bear with us for now as we are trying to deliver something a little bit different for that too.
    We are actively working to bring even more to our little home and hope you like what we have done so far! We are always interested to hear from you so if you have any problems or ideas get in touch!

    Notapic | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)

    09-30-2014 05:45 AM
  2. psoham777's Avatar
    Nice, thanks
    EngDreams likes this.
    10-01-2014 10:25 AM
  3. EngDreams's Avatar
    Aww thanks to you ..... was wondering if anyone cared ... sniff sniff
    10-01-2014 10:32 AM
  4. Ashish Gupta888's Avatar
    Aww thanks to you ..... was wondering if anyone cared ... sniff sniff
    Looking at those screenshots, I think app is pretty good in features. Yeah, we do care for WP developers and always appreciate their work :-)
    I'll try your app and see if I can suggest anything. Thanks for the app :-)
    EngDreams likes this.
    10-01-2014 10:42 AM
  5. EngDreams's Avatar
    Thank you! We 'app'reciate any and all feedback! - If you want a friend to add to get started just search for Team Notapic in the messenger friends section.

    We have focussed more on features and speed than style for now, we are working on quite a few more bits to add in that way, eventually automating each days Notapics into a book/magazine type layout to see it in the more accepted, 'stylised' manner with the benefit of rapid creation still present.
    10-01-2014 10:53 AM
  6. Ashish Gupta888's Avatar
    Yeah, I was wondering if I can find any friend there (as most of my friends don't seem to use it yet). I'll give it a try for sure :-)
    EngDreams likes this.
    10-01-2014 10:56 AM
  7. EngDreams's Avatar
    Yes this naturally is the largest problem for us to gather some groups of friends who like the service to use it. We are hoping the natural creation of stories will lead to a bit more use for the messenger side.

    Creating stories in this way solves lots of issues, a major one being making it very easy to find your own content when you want to, a date or word search will find your content in seconds alongside keeping more of the memory there instead of just a piece of media.

    Look forward to having a chat with you on there!
    10-01-2014 11:17 AM
  8. EngDreams's Avatar
    Should be getting the other side up by the end of the weekend for anyone on 8.1 desktop/laptop/surface etc, here is a little shot of the progress ....

    10-03-2014 05:29 AM
  9. EngDreams's Avatar
    and there we go we are now universal!

    Notapic app for Windows in the Windows Store
    10-05-2014 09:15 AM
  10. EngDreams's Avatar
    Hi all .... small update
    Notapics can now be viewed by anyone not just those with the app installed https://www.notapic.com/v/1e3cRf6Jgj
    10-10-2014 08:51 PM

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