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    >>Aceess Granted. . .
    >>Welcome to ChainRX v2.1
    >>You are now being redirected to the Reactor Briefing Module. Standby. . . .
    >>Connecting to the Creator. . .
    >>Connected. . .

    Uhh...sorry about my fussy virtual assistant (she's no Cortana, but she does the job)

    OK....about my game now:
    ChainRX is inspired from the Chain Reaction game that has kept people hooked up for quite a while now (...including myself). So much that I decided to make my own version of it. I saw it first on my cousin's android, and I was like, "Well.. the graphics are tacky, and for a serious gamer like me, the concept had to be really appealing to cover up the fact.

    With very limited resources that I had (I'm no Tony Stark), it took about a week's worth of sleep to develop the basic framework. But there are so many things that I still have in mind which I would be including in the coming updates.

    What makes the game stand apart from other chain reaction games?

    • Familiar interface, but improved performance
    • The only version till date that has Online Multiplayer gameplay (I don't know why nobody cared to make it this way)

    About me:
    I'm a 22 year old Computer Science student and a hobbyist in the field of mobile app development. ChainRX is my first venture to go public, thru which I aspire to learn about the prospects of growing in the field of UX design, performance improvement, user experience improvement, monetization and the likes. So, all the suggestions would be taken very seriously.

    Head over to this URL....ChainRX to find screenshots, or better, try the game itself

    This game is also featured on Bansal.IO!
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    Hi all....

    So I've included MANY new features (since the last post), and improvements in this game (like the undo button, sfx, great GUI, performance, and much more...)

    Just wanting to let you guys know that this game is the first of its kind in BOTH the windows/wp store and Google Play store. No other chain reaction game has online multiplayer capability in either stores! (although I found one in the iOS, but that was a paid game....mine is for FREE :D)

    Please help me make the best chain reaction game in both the stores. I was looking to put my game on the Play store, but just because of the online multiplayer feature of this game, I have to buy the Android Pro license for Unity (...$75/month or $1500....seriously!!...and additional $25 for Play Store!...especially when I managed to put my app on windows store for free because of the DreamSpark project for students!).

    So, I was looking to integrate Microsoft ads in it for windows store, but found NOTHING for it (same situation as the developer of Krashlander game), except prime[31] plugin for Unity, which at least supported the Windows 8.1 part of the game (sadly, not for Windows Phone 8.1 :'( ). Nevertheless, I've earned 0.31 Indian Rupees in the past two months, despite of over 275 downloads (because of poor eCPM and fill rates in the pubCenter).......Oh god....help me....

    Please do reply to this thread if you need any information to understand my game better, because trust me, this is shear addiction. Do try this game out.


    I've invested so much of time in this game, to make it the best I could make. I have to fight against those errors, and scratch the web to peel of any Windows Phone 8.1 API, add-ons, etc. as there is almost NOthing as compared to android or iOS plugins on the web.

    I'm taking all the suggestions seriously, and trying my best to include requested features in here.

    Please do try my game, and include in the WindowsCentral blog posts if you feel.

    Thanks alot WC guys... and good bye Sam :(
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    Hi again!!

    So I've ported the game onto android, and you can play cross platform too!!

    Also, I've kicked it to version 2...

    Feel free to ask about anything related to it... Or any suggestions for features you would want to see in such a game.

    Thanks alot guys!
    02-17-2015 11:53 AM

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