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    This is my first app. It has a completely new feature which I haven't seen before.
    ---- Miner Gun Builder ----

    You can build unique weapons from different parts which alter the behavior completely!

    Some other features are:
    • 100 Level (Made by hand)
    • 32 Ships (+5 Bonus)
    • 49 Achievements (Which give you bonuses)
    • 25 Weapon components (Which alter the behavior of the weapon)

    The main idea is that you can build your own weapons. Each ship has a different inventory with build space. In the inventory are one projectile generator block which shoots one projectile with one damage. Also there is at least one ejection block where the projectile can leave the inventory/build space and leave the ship. On the way through the ship the projectile is altered with different blocks like crit change, aoe, speed, more damage, curvy flight, spread and many more. So you can build the weapon of your choice to complete and clear all levels. This could be a slow firing gun with a enormous crit chance, a fast spraying gun or some bouncing aoe thing. There a no limits.

    The game get's more complex the more you proceed. You can buy more items to change your weapon and you have to switch ships because some might be better to push trough tough blocks where as others might be better to clear maps (and therefore get achievements with bonuses). Later you might find new tactics and ways to generate even more damage. You have endless possibilities to make the perfect weapon.








    10-23-2014 12:02 PM

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