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    I would like to present my latest app. Its about Bash0r, a free and full featured, but inofficial bash.org client app for Windows Phone.

    You're a fan of bash.org? You love to read embarrassing stories from real life? You are searching an app against boring days? Or you're just gleeful? So, we have the perfect app for you! From now on you have all the funny chat quotes from IRC and IM always in your pocket!

    screenshot0.png screenshot1.png screenshot2.png

    The app comes with many outstanding features:
    • Best, latest and random quotes
    • Rate all quotes
    • Favorite lists
    • OneDrive backup and restore of your favorites quotes
    • Windows Phone Messaging-Hub UI
    • Every 30 minutes a new quote on your lock screen
    • Search- and jump functionalities
    • Sharing-Features for content and links (WhatsApp, Facebook, Text, Email)
    • Copy contents or complete quotes into the clipboard
    • Gesture navigation
    • Offline capabilities

    screenshot5.png screenshot6.png screenshot3.png

    Download Bash0r for FREE from the Windows Phone Store!


    PS: I'm looking forward for your feedback :)
    10-26-2014 08:14 AM

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