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    More than Just a News App.
    'Techify' is your comprehensive resource to all the latest tech/gadget related news in your Personalized App.( Top 85+ Channels )
    Now with Dual Mode feature and Multiple Categorized Sections, switch between different App Modes as per your choice for the Best User Experience.

    Dual Mode of 'Techify'
    Quick Read:
    -Pre Loaded News
    -Instant Headlines
    -Saves 50%+ Cellular Data
    -No Pop Ups, No banners
    -Limited Media content
    -Includes Categorized feeds along with Major Feeds
    -Video Integration
    -Radial Dialer Menu
    - Screen Brightness customization for better readability

    Source Read:
    -Full News Content
    -Full Media Support
    -No App Ads but may include Source ads
    -Cache Smart 200% faster loading after first browse

    Tips: Use quick read for latest headlines.
    Use source read for full details.

    - Techify lets you create your own Personalized News Section and u can Pin it for Intsant Access.

    - Confused with our database. Can't decide your favorite? Techify will smartly suggest u.
    Monitor your favorite news Visits with Techify Graph statistics.It displays Top 5 Most visited channels.
    You can also check your Activity in different Sections.

    - Techify takes Customization a step above with 7 UNIQUE Themes and 100 Preloaded COLOR SWATCHES so that u may create your Own Version of Techify.

    - Additional features like Social Sharing, IE Option,
    Pocket Integration, Instapaper Integration, Pinning channels to Start, also added for best User Experience.

    - Sections Included : General Tech, Windows, XBOX, Support+Forums.

    - Regular Updates and Instant feedback Support

    Download links: Its FREE and also AD-FREE

    Techify | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    11-12-2014 10:16 AM

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