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    Sendtiment allows you to email, text, Facebook, Tweet and Instagram personalized photo cards, notes, invitations and announcement from your phone. Sendtiment has hundreds of unique and modern cards thoughtfully made with love by the Sendtiment team exclusively for Windows Phone. And yes, the "d" is silent.

    Thoughtfulness is now just a voice command away.

    Now it is even easier to show that you care with the Sendtiment Windows Phone Greeting Cards application. By simply speaking to Cortana you can quickly find cards, for example you can say "Sendtiment, I want to say happy birthday" and Cortana will take you straight to the Birthday cards collection. All you will need to do is select a card, customize it and send it out as an email, text, Facebook Message, tweet or one of the many ways only Sendtiment makes possible.

    Download link: Sendtiment | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Many Cards. Millions of expressions.

    Sendtiment has hundreds of thank you notes, greeting cards, birthday cards, invitations, announcements and social expressions. Choose your card, your font, font size, move font anywhere on the card, add your favorite photo's and more. When you combine all the possible options, the opportunities for personalization are virtually endless.

    Follow on Twitter for updates www.twitter.com/sendtiment
    11-15-2014 01:47 PM
  2. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Any reason it's US only, I know you lot can't spell properly (And I am not counting your silent D in that), but apart from that, any practical reason us Brits can't use it ?
    11-15-2014 02:32 PM
  3. thettk's Avatar
    The app is available worldwide. Search for Sendtiment in the store and it should pop up. And the D is silent 😉
    11-16-2014 07:27 AM
  4. thettk's Avatar
    Here is the link to the UK store. Only works with 8.1 http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/search?q=Sendtiment
    11-16-2014 07:29 AM
  5. Bobvfr's Avatar
    I had already downloaded it and the app works as a stand alone app, but not with Cortana here in the UK, if I say "Sendtiment (With or without a silent D) I want to say happy birthday" all I get is a web search.

    And I am making sure Cortana is getting what I say and the spelling is correct.

    One point I would make is if you are making an app that uses voice having a name with silent letters or confusion over pronouncement isn't the best way to go.
    11-16-2014 11:23 AM
  6. thettk's Avatar
    Hi there. First of all I want to apologize for the less than ideal experience you are having with the app. This is an issue that I was not aware of as I know of other users in the UK and other markets where Cortana is available that have no issues. I myself live in Canada and it works well. We even programmed the app to recognize "sentiment" without the D but it seems that is not working for you. I want to help.

    Would like to email me so that I can try to troubleshoot your situation? You can email me directly at terry@sendtiment.com

    In the meantime I would like to suggest a potential "mini-hack" to get Cortana to recognize your commands. Tap the search icon to open Cortana and you will see in the middle of the screen her suggestions on a search or command you can make. Tap "see more" and it should show you a list of all the commands as well as apps that can interact with Cortana. Verify that Sendtiment is listed there. If not try reinstalling the app and checking that Cortana lists it. If it is not listed then please email me so I can get more info about your situation.

    If it is listed then what you could do to "cheat Cortana" is to type in the command "Sendtiment I want to say happy birthday" and press Enter and see if that makes it open the app. What that could potentially do is have Cortana store the name and then from that point onward it should be fine to recognize your voice. If this doesn't work then email me.

    Let me know how it goes and again I do apologize for this.
    11-18-2014 09:12 PM
  7. Bobvfr's Avatar
    No panic at all, I am at work on a motor bike at the moment I will try it tomorrow and let you know.

    Many thanks for your response.
    11-19-2014 12:47 PM
  8. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Just had a look and Sendtiment isn't listed, just Mix Radio and Catchup TV, so I uninstalled and re-installed but no luck so far.
    11-20-2014 05:29 AM
  9. thettk's Avatar
    Ok if you get a chance to email me with a couple of answers perhaps I will be able to figure it out:

    What device are you using?
    What version of Windows Phone is it running e.g. 8.1 Cyan etc? You can find this info in your phone Settings > Extras + Info
    Is it a developer preview device?

    Email terry@Sendtiment.com

    11-24-2014 11:47 AM

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