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    Sometimes the best way to move forward in life is by remembering a favorite quote or bromide that truly inspires you. Starting your day with a daily quote can help set your mood for the entire day and might even help keep things from becoming too overwhelming. Quotes Area, a new app for Windows Phone, can serve as a way to deliver this content right to your Start Screen.

    Quotes Area App includes wide range of Quotes and famous sayings for various categories. As you can see in the screenshots, these categories feature quotes that are Inspirational but also include Love, Success, Life, Leaders, Friendship, Funny and more.

    If you find a quote you really like, you can mark it as a favorite for later viewing in the Favorites section. Theres also a search function if youre looking for a particular quote from someone.

    You can also share the quote via SMS, email, or social networks.

    Leave your thoughts about the app in the comments!

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    11-19-2014 11:28 PM

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