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    As a software developer who is interested in quality apps that stand out on various app stores, I have come to love series of stellar apps Yahoo! has put out in the past few months. A particular app that still makes me take my android phone with me alongside my windows phone on my daily commute to work is the Yahoo News Digest app.

    In a nutshell, the Yahoo digest app curates and summarizes the most relevant new stories that are relevant to your region into a few “Digest” of about 7-10 stories which you can flip through within a few minutes. Digests are delivered in two editions on a daily basis, one in the morning at around 8:00 AM, the other at 6PM

    In the past month, I have been working on an un-official Windows Phone version so that users like myself who prefer to use windows phone as our primary phone can enjoy the App. The windows Phone version is now in a closed beta and I would ideally like to expand the number of users testing it from the 6 windows phone enthusiasts that I work with to about 100 users.

    If you would like to have access to the beta app, please sign up on the link below and I will provide access every 48 hours.


    Currently supported Features

    • Digest news for the following regions
      • USA
      • CAN
      • United Kingdom
      • International (World)

    • In-depth Topics for Atoms (Stories)
    • Relevant Wiki links for stories
    • Live Tiles support


    Upcoming features in Beta, in addition to bug fixes (Windows phone 8)

    • Relevant Videos (Not on low memory devices)
    • Image Gallery for Atoms (Not on low memory devices)
    • Relevant tweets for Atoms
    • Info graphs
    • Atom location Maps

    Upcoming features in Beta (Windows phone 8.1)

    • Offline, scheduled digest downloads (Not on low memory devices)

    Support, bug reports and recommendations


    11-27-2014 08:47 AM

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