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    Clock O Matic the ALL Purpose Time Application rolls out its latest update with Stunning Visual Live Backgrounds.

    It also includes Randomized Low Poly Screen backgrounds for the best visual appeal.


    Along with other Advanced Customization features create your own theme of Clock O Matic.

    Features Update includes

    Live Tile Clock now supports 24Hr Format
    Stopwatch Precision can now be increased to 1000th of Second for accurate Results.
    Countdown Timer minimum time reduced to 15 seconds
    Saving Multiple Timers, Alarms for future Uses
    Language Support for Spanish, German, Polish, Hindi.

    Making your Time Keeping Apps Beautiful and Simple.

    Download : https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/s...a-f7b28c5d9484
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    Clock O' Matic the ALL Purpose Time Keeping App gets CUSTOMIZED LIVE TILE support .

    Now with Alarms, Stopwatch, World Clock and Count Down Timer, Clock O' Matic has extended its Time Tools collection with Customized Live Tiles with varying designs for the Best Experience.

    Includes both Analog Clock Tile and Digital Clock Tile

    5 Apps in 1 FREE App. Give it a try and we are sure you will love it !


    Download : Clock O' Matic | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    Clock O Matic brings Windows 10 Live Tiles and Voice Clock in its latest update


    Cant wait for Windows 10?

    Clock O Matic the ALL Purpose Time Application gets updated with new Windows 10 Translucent Live Tile feature for its Users.

    See through Tiles along with their own Shadow.

    Along with it, a new VOICE CLOCK has been added to Night Shade Clock ( Glance Screen ) which tells the Time at User defined Custom Intervals.

    Helpful during Driving, Phone Charging and when phone is out of sight.

    ALL of it Bundled in One Free and Ad-Free App.

    After 20 Trials advanced features are Locked and require a minor InApp Purchase.
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