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    Unstream is an unofficial Twitch application for Windows Phone (8.1+ only) which allows you to watch live streams on Twitch directly from your phone.

    Welcome to Unstream - an unofficial Twitch application for Windows Phone!
    ***Trial never ends - Paid version just removes ads and supports the developer!***

    Watch live streams directly from your phone, selecting from Featured Channels/Games, Top Games/Channels/Groups or searched Games/Channels/Streams.

    Pin channels and games to your start screen for faster access.

    Sign in to view followed channels or games, enjoy an enhanced stream/chat experience, follow or unfollow your channels/games and even get notified when your favourite streamers go live!


    • View featured channels, top games/channels/groups and followed channels/games
    • Search for games, channels or streams (live)
    • Custom stream/chat experience (portrait and landscape)
    • View detailed user profiles
    • Follow/Unfollow games or channels
    • Notifications & Live Tiles when followed channels go live
    • Pin games, channels or followed page to start screen for quick access
    • Light/dark and custom theme support

    Price: $1.29 AUD (full version just removes advertisements)

    Application language: English

    Planned updates/features (by priority)
    1. Accessibility (with redesign/rearrangement to make things easier to get to i.e. followed games/channels on the central hub)
    2. Video search/follow/playback support
    3. Chat icon support
    4. List sorting
    5. Subscription support
    6. Teams support
    7. Private messaging
    8. Voice commands (Cortana) support
    9. Further user profile support (edit profile, block users, etc.)
    10. Channel editing support (change game, status, start commercials, reset stream key, etc.)

    Unstream in the Windows Phone store (Windows Phone 8.1+ only)


    gameview.jpg mainpage_browse.png
    mainpage_featured.png profileview.png searchview.png settingsview_about.png toplistview_games.png watchview_chat.png

    Unstream in the Windows Phone store (Windows Phone 8.1+ only) in case you missed the other links!

    Feedback is also welcome!
    02-03-2015 01:55 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for supporting our platform with a new app. Good luck with your app.
    02-03-2015 01:59 AM

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