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    Mediummy is a Medium reader/client app for Windows Phone & Windows. You can (sync) your current page & favorites between your Windows devices, (search) content normally or with the help of (Cortana) and (share) stories & publications with your friends.


    - Cloud Syncing: your current page & favorites between your Windows devices so you can continue where you left off.

    - Offline Reading: Read your favorite articles without internet connectivity.


    - Search: for stories, publications & profiles.

    - Favorite: stories, publications & profiles and sync them between your Windows devices.

    - Share: stories, publications or profiles to facebook, OneNote, NFC, email etc

    - Cortana: integrated with Mediummy, say to Cortana Mediummy search for. then you navigate to the app finding what you asked for!

    With a lot more to come soon!!

    Buy Mediummy once on either the Windows Phone Store or the Windows Store ($1.99) and get it (free) on the other Store! (Mediummy is a Universal Windows App).

    For more info, visit: ""
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    "Mediummy" is also available on Windows Store, screenshots below:

    For more info, visit: ""

    02-17-2015 05:38 PM

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