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    This program is designed to create a collage of the photos have been added to Instagram. Simply enter your login name or nickname and your friend will get a stunning collage.

    - Quickly send collage by email
    - Save the finished collage to gallery
    - Choose the quality and size of the collage

    Link: InstaCollage Free | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    02-22-2015 09:14 PM
  2. AngelFP's Avatar
    Hi! I can't try the app since I don't use use Instagram, but just a little observation: it Iooks like some pictures in the collage are a little bit distorted, like stretched to fill the space. It shouldn't be difficult to correct that and it would look nicer.
    02-24-2015 06:47 PM
  3. JEulerium's Avatar
    No ads update!
    05-12-2015 02:04 AM

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