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    I wanted to introduce new Windows Phone 8.1 client for Pushbullet - Instabullet. My intention was that I didn't find any well-working application available for WP so I decided to write my own. First version was released one week ago, I received some feedback and now finally application has been updated. Application is totally FREE, only if you want to support developer you can buy paid version but they are exactly the same. Push notifications works as expected, in latest update universal copy and paste feature has been introduced and now all functionalities provided by Pushbullet works. Application is very fast, it doesn't have to synchronize all data from server but only the latest pushes and data is always synchronized (I had problems with it on another PB clients). Furthermore I tried to allow user use it as fast as possible without useless page changing, I hope you like it. For someone who doesn't know what Pushbullet is I will explain shortly:
    Pushbullet is a platform which provides communication between devices: mobile(WP, Android ,IOS, BB), PC(Desktop,browser), Mac. You can create your channel subscriptions, join already existing channels and listen to their notifications. You can share data between your devices but also between any users. There are few types of notifications like notes, addresses, files etc. Please provide me a feedback :)
    Here is the link:

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    03-25-2015 05:49 AM
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    How to make universal copy and paste to work? Can you please explain the process, it seems not working at my end?
    03-26-2015 02:01 AM
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    Yes, you should turn it on in my application. In settings -> universal copy and paste switch should be on as well as notifications should be turned on. And I am using also Pushbullet for Windows Desktop, I had to turn it on in settings and now whenever I copy something on my PC, I receive notification in my phone. It should be working also only with browser, you can enable it by clicking pushbullet icon in right upper corner and choose settings then options -> universal copy and paste. It works with every device that shares its clipboard that has pushbullet installed and Universal copy and paste is turned on.
    03-26-2015 03:22 AM

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