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    This is my first app spotlight, so be gentle :-)

    There was a request on the WPWishes subreddit (on Reddit.com for those who don't know) for an app that displayed the stories shown on the Digg.com site.

    I rose to the challenge, doing my bit for the Windows Phone community.

    The app is now live here: Spade | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Version 1 (1.1 to be specific) was to get the app published and usable. I've created the app as a Universal app and my next step to get the app onto the Windows store. Planned features (for the phone at least) are to get some live tile support setup and maybe have the ability to favourite stories.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no public API from Digg. I have been in contact with their CTO and they have an API in the works for a summer release. Until this is available, the actual Digg integration will be limited :-(
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