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    Microsoft has just certified "My Purchases (Powered by Slice)" for Windows Phone 8.1, so now both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps are available.

    Slice.com is a cool service for online shoppers, they currently only have apps for iOS and Android, so I wrote apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

    If you shop online, the app helps you stay organized: know what you bought, where you bought it, and when it will arrive without ever having to check your email.

    Here's are some of its main features -

    - Find Purchases by browsing by Merchant or Category.
    - Graphs and Charts showing trends by Merchant or Category.
    - Access a Merchant's "Return Policy" page and get its support phone number.
    - Easily find an Order Number when contacting a Merchant.
    - Quickly Search for a Receipt.
    - Easily order the same item again.
    - Find Deductions when it's tax time.
    - Live Tile shows the last 5 Orders (Windows 8.1).
    - 'My Purchases' is powered by Slice - for more information on the Slice service see https://www.slice.com/shopping_intro and https://www.slice.com/how_it_works

    Here's the Windows Phone app:


    And here's the Windows 8.1 app:


    It's a Universal App, so thank you to those folks that purchased the ad free version for Windows 8.1 - as promised you get the full version on Windows Phone for free!

    Now that I've released both apps, I'll continue to add features as fast as I can -

    - Notifications: Get push notifications so you know when your package is set to hit your doorstep.
    - Track Packages: Track all your in-transit orders on a single map - no logging into multiple retailer websites or searching for tracking numbers in emails. Our mobile apps will even send you push notifications when a package is on its way.
    - Save Money: ever discovered that the price of what you bought yesterday has dropped today? 'My Purchases' will alert you when this happens and will help you get money back.
    - Be Safe: app will alert you when anything you've bought is recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, helping you keep your family safe.
    - Let me know what features you'd like - any ideas are cool and it will help me prioritize.

    My original announcement for the Windows 8.1 app is here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/app...red-slice.html, additional feedback on any of the apps is greatly appreciated.

    For the developers out there, I wrote it using @MvvmCross and the PCL contains the models, services, and viewmodels, shared by both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps - I'll blog about it soon.

    I'd love for @Daniel_Rubino or any of the folks at wpcentral.com to try it out - you'll love it and a lot of folks in the community will enjoy it if you make it a featured app. I'll buy you lunch at Build. :)

    Good Times!


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    04-01-2015 07:59 PM

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