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    Hi, I'm very happy to give you my first App, but the most important too (for now ). The Windows Phone Back Up! This app allows you to Back up All your SaveGames and SaveApp stored on your SD Card. My App is now on BETA but I tested it with my own 720 and works.
    Saddly, I can't Back Up anything stored on the Phone's memory, but I'll still searching the way to do it and I'll update my App

    The .Rar also has a PDF with the instruction, although my app is very easy to use: just introduce your SD Card, open the app, press "refresh", select your game(s), and press "BackUp/Restore".

    -Search the Game(s) installed on your SD Card
    -Back Up the games stored on your SD Card
    -Restore the Games stored on your computer to your SD Card
    -Language: English and Spanish
    -The User doesn't need to Intervene, just click "Back Up" and watch.
    -Debug mode allowed (Secret )

    - Computer with Windows x32/x64 Bits
    -Windows Phone 8.1
    -Phone with MicroSD card
    -MicroSD -> USB/SD adapter
    -Internet connection (Computer)


    Change Log:
    0.1 BETA: Initial Version
    0.2 BETA: -UI Changes
    - Restore ALL Button deleted
    -Detects the SaveGame automatically
    -More Stability
    -Save the App Settings (Language, Back Up Path)
    -Icon and Meta Data added

    To Do:
    - Make compatible with Windows Phone 8.X without MicroSD Card
    - Save Program Settings (Ready!)
    - Improve Interface (Ready!)
    - Add more Language
    - Interactive Interface (Show Applications stored on the MicroSD/Phone and on the Back Up Path) (Ready!)
    o Show Applications Name. (Ready!)
    o Doesnt need to search the Game ID Anymore (Ready!)
    - Add Successful/Failed Copy Warning (Almost Ready!)
    o Add Progress Bar. (Ready!)

    Please, if my application helps you to back up your Game Progress, Consider to donate me to make me happy and encourage me to improve this application. Ill be very thankful

    Want to Help?:
    My app still as Beta, so, if you find an error, please comment this post or send me a MP. If you want to improve the Language or add a new language, MP me.
    I'm open to any advice :D

    And... Finally:
    Download Link:
    WP Game BackUp v0.2 BETA
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    04-01-2015 08:01 PM
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    Just curious, how did you access the app folders to back them up?
    04-04-2015 05:00 PM
  3. JuanPZV's Avatar
    Just curious, how did you access the app folders to back them up?
    With Magic
    Well, really, there is a Folder called "WPSystem" that is hide on the SDCard. You can access it from X:\WPSystem
    But, all the folders are assigned to a GUID, so my program can search that GUID and change it to the App Name. Is not a big deal but is a good tool to Newbies users.
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    04-04-2015 05:13 PM

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