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    Windows 8.1 App - My Memories Interactive Slideshow

    Windows Phone 8.1 App - My Memories Interactive Slideshow

    My Memories Interactive Slideshow brings your memories to life with random images and videos filling several different layouts. You can interact with your photos and videos by pinching, zooming, rotating, and flicking. Different layouts are available depending on whether or not your device is in landscape or portrait orientation... you can switch anytime by turning your device!

    Through the Videos in-app purchase you can liven up your slideshow even more by showing your home videos along with your photos. You can even try it out for 3 days before you buy! Just imagine all of your memories in photos and videos coming to life right in front of your eyes!

    A second in-app purchase is available to remove the advertisements.

    All in-app purchases are shared between the Windows App and the Windows Phone app!

    For the Windows Phone version, My Memories is optimized in Kid’s Corner! All settings and sharing options are hidden so your child can enjoy the app without messing up your settings.

    Many settings are available in Windows and on the Phone. In the Windows app, one of the most important settings is to choose which directories are used and which ones are excluded. Don't forget that you can include photos from different computers on your network!

    You can save and share a screenshot of your layout as well as your images or videos that you see in the slideshow.

    • Interactive Random Slideshow with Several Layouts
    • Pinch, Zoom, Rotate, & Flick Images
    • Show Your Home Videos As Well! (In-App Purchase)
    • Pick which directories will be included and excluded. Tip for Windows App: Have another PC with more photos? Add that shared location to the app!
    • Save & Share Your Layouts!

    Screenshots of Windows 8.1 app:

    Screenshot of Windows Phone 8.1 app:

    Windows 8.1 App - My Memories Interactive Slideshow
    Windows Phone 8.1 App - My Memories Interactive Slideshow
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    04-07-2015 11:20 AM
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    If anybody downloads either or both of these, please let me know your thoughts!
    04-08-2015 09:41 AM
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    Update just got approved for the Phone App. I added ability to choose either specific images to put in the slideshow or allow users to choose specific folders. I also fixed some bugs and added support for a couple more languages.
    04-16-2015 03:03 PM

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