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    Are you a structural engineer, working with concrete beams? Here is an app that will let you calculate your concrete beam's momentum and shear with a simple yet powerful UI.


    The app will let you calculate momentum and shear for T, Double T, Reverse T and rectangular shaped beams with reinforcement. You can select your legistlation, and if one doesn't exist that you want to use create a custom one or email the developers at engineeringtoolsdevteam@gmail.com to get your legistlation added permanently to the app!If you choose to include stirrups for your beam, the app will calculate the shear values.

    Here is a screenshot of the apps result screen so you can get and idea of just how powerful this app is.

    1.png 2.png
    3.png 4.png
    5.png 7.png

    So ease your daily work load as an engineer and let a professional grade tool do part of the work for you!

    Get yours now at a discount for a limited time!

    Click this: Install Concrete beam

    Or scan this code:

    05-27-2015 07:44 AM

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