06-11-2015 02:31 AM
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  1. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Good job, man, the app is looking great! Just had a play with it and I'm liking what I see.
    Got a few more items of feedback:
    The always available transparency slider is great, glad you put that in, but it's accessibility is...strange, I suppose. It makes the right circle seem redundant, and (from my end at least) doesn't really make sense to be put there.
    Also, I'm still having trouble with landscape pictures automatically adjusting to the far left, which is usually pretty uninteresting. I don't know about you guys, but when I take a picture of a flower I usually have it in the center, haha. I'd really like to be able to control what part of the picture I use.
    And this one is just idle speculation, take it as you will...but a picture used as a lock screen and a picture used as a background are two different sizes. The background picture is more narrow. Mmmaybe a function that allows you to quickly switch a picture optimized for use as a lock screen to one used as a background, so you use the whole picture. I'm not sure how you would do that, as I've honestly not thought about it too hard, but it seems a shame to make a beautiful picture and only use two-thirds for my background, you know?
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    06-09-2015 12:13 PM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Oh yeah, and a "New" button, under the ellipsis. Just worked on a background, didn't work at all, want to start over...click. Done.
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    06-09-2015 12:15 PM
  3. loverusham's Avatar
    I am glad you like the upgrade. The right color circle comes in handy when used in image filter mode. It gets easier access to palette and transparency for images simultaneously. That what I got in many user feedbacks. I also agree with your point that for simple mode its not very useful and seems redundant. But since there is no additional feature required in simple mode the right color circle only does its primary goal of displaying current color as the left performs the dual one. About landscape images there is currently no method available which defines the orientation of the image on its selection. So I am working to find an alternative solution.

    About the difference between lockscreen image and background image, both images are saved in standard sizes. Lockscreen images are directly managed by app but there is no control over start screen images. This article on msdn might help you in solving your issue.
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    06-09-2015 01:23 PM
  4. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Is there any way to remove a picture after selecting it? You can replace it but I can't find a way to simply remove it.
    06-09-2015 02:57 PM
  5. loverusham's Avatar
    Is there any way to remove a picture after selecting it? You can replace it but I can't find a way to simply remove it.
    In the current version no but to solve your worries I d be making an update where you can simply double tap the image to reset it to the default configurations.
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    06-10-2015 02:07 AM
  6. loverusham's Avatar
    New update will be available in a couple of hours. It includes double tap to image to reset feature and support for higher resolution images without losing the quality.
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    06-11-2015 02:31 AM
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