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    I made this as an end semester project for my college. But then I thought, "why not release it?" So here it is...

    The SMS Template App - Get The SMS Template App for Windows Phone

    Description as per in the Store:

    Ever have to send the same message over and over again but didn't want to forward the same one? The thing you need is templates. And that's what this is...

    This app provides an efficient way to create and store SMS templates that may be used at any time. You can include your current positions GPS coordinates, a link to the maps to pinpoint your location, timestamps and a signature along as well.
    - Create as many templates as you like!
    - Store a message!
    - Save any number of recipients in an ordered list.
    - Add GPS coordinates to you current location!
    - Add a URL to pinpoint your current location on Google Maps!
    - Add a timestamp!
    - Save a unique signature along with each of your templates!
    - Clean and easy interface!


    I would be really grateful if someone could provide some good feedback.
    07-12-2015 11:52 AM

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