1. Filip Moeglich's Avatar
    Hi All!

    I waiting to be accepted as developer for long time and now I don't know if I am already, or not? Don't have any message, but I can post on this forum so maybe.
    It was project for college course credit, I've got highest rate from lecturer :D
    I finished my first game for mobile devices, but I can't make it a little popular although I try hard.
    After two weeks 50 downloads, I hope this game will get more soon.

    Ok, so about the game:
    Simple, enjoyable arcade game with unique moving system.
    To swim, you have to wiggle finger on screen, which simulates real physical movement of creatures builded like this in game.
    You have to swim as far as you can and avoid scary enemies and spiky obstacles.

    Here link: https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=NGOVMjbG

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    07-26-2015 05:35 AM
  2. jackudza's Avatar
    Interesting Design. But control of is not very clear, if you do not read the tutorial. 4 Stars of Belarus ^)
    08-11-2015 02:30 PM

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