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    Tim in space! – a comic about a little boy, who wants to be an astronaut

    Tim in Space! is an interactive comic-book about Tim; a little boy who’s dreaming to become an astronaut. Download this free app for Windows Phone!

    More info? Check out the website, or download the app for free at your Windows Phone.

    When Tim falls asleep, his dream comes true… read the story, listen to the sounds and press the interactive hot-spots to get the full experience.


    • Interactive images
    • Hot-spots with sound
    • Colorful illustrations
    • Discover life on Mars
    • Handcrafted art-work
    • Colorings and wallpapers
    • Interactive images

    …and best of all, the app is multi-lingual (English and Dutch) and supports both landscape (tablet)- and portrait (cellphone) orientation.




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    Great idea!!!
    08-11-2015 02:05 PM

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