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    File Cards is the first file manager in Windows 10 that supports it natively! The app has a new elegant look that completely fits into Windows 10 experience. The Windows 10 .NET native app model brings great performance boost, but the app also implements Windows 10 compiled binding to push performance even further. Of Windows 10 specific features it implements drag and drop of any content or file into the app window. Other than that most of the app features are already unmatched by other file managers in the Store:

    • unlike other apps that can show one or two folders ('Commander' apps) at once, it can show unlimited number of them
    • templates for new items
    • looking through subfolders
    • bookmarks (full tagging support coming soon)
    • archives: zip, rar, 7zip, gzip, tar - extract support, for zip, gzip and tar also creation of new items and for zip pasting of new items
    • multiple windows
    • multi level undo
    • reminders attached to files
    • pinning of individual items to the Start screen
    • recently opened items
    • receiving of the content from the other apps using the share button
    • integration with the file open picker and file save picker
    • over 40 keyboard shortcuts


    There is a free trial on the Windows Store. Feedback is welcome!
    08-05-2015 03:59 PM
  2. labsii's Avatar
    And now the app is also updated to be used on Windows 10 Mobile


    And it looks even better in the landscape:

    08-17-2015 07:05 PM

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