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    Hey there!

    To celeberate 200 000+ downloads for Traffic Race 3D 2 for Windows Phone we've decided to update the game with support for Windows Store.

    And while we're at it we decided to upgrade the whole game :)

    Check out this demo video:

    Download and try it:

    Attached Thumbnails trafficrace3d2_2015-09-08_22-03-32.jpg   trafficrace3d2_2015-09-08_22-00-03.png   trafficrace3d2_wp8_2015-08-20_23-04-18.png  
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    09-08-2015 03:31 PM
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    If you would like to read more about this project check out our website:
    Traffic Race 3D 2 -
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    09-08-2015 03:32 PM
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    Hey there!

    We've just added multiplayer to this game :)

    Check it out:

    Traffic Race 3D 2 ? Multiplayer ready for testing -
    09-29-2015 01:55 PM
  4. CasualGames's Avatar

    New update with lots of improvements, check it out: Traffic Race 3D 2 ? Unlockabe levels and stars -

    Whats new in this update:
    * New Feature: Lap counter
    * New Feature: Added music
    * New Feature: Added unlock system for tracks.
    * Improved: Reduced number of options on start race.
    * Improved: AI cars start closer to the player car.
    * Improved: AI cars will stay still until the level starts.
    * Improved: AI cars will hoonk at you if you hit them.
    * Improved: AI cars changes lanes.
    * New Track: Vega Race Track.
    * New Feature: When you first start the game you can select input mode.
    * Improved: Increased traffic
    * Improved: Busses are a bit bigger.
    * Improved: AI cars does not flip so easy.
    * Improved: AI cars drive faster.
    * Improved: AI cars look better.
    * Improved: 10s start delay is removed, based on user feedback.
    * Improved: Default is 1 lap now.
    * Improved: Fog is now a bit further away.
    * Fixed bug: AI cars had shading problems on certain computers.
    * Fixed bug: Race track reverse mode was not working properly.
    * Fixed bug: Reverse mode was not updating Hall Of Fame.
    * Fixed bug: Arrow point towards next waypoint was poiting wrong at times :)
    * Fixed bug: Default quality setting was low, changed it to full.
    10-22-2015 04:01 PM
  5. CasualGames's Avatar
    Hey y'all!

    This weeks updated is fully packed with new features and improvements. We’re especially excited about the new cars with Race Track AI.

    We also added a new camera mode that we call Blimp, its sort of like a GTA 1 style camera. Check it out and let us know what you think!


    Whats in this weeks update?
    * New Feature: Added new camera mode: Blimp! Kind of like GTA 1.
    * New Feature: Added a Next button to play next level directly.
    * New Feature: Music on/off setting added.
    * New Feature: Escape button finally works
    * New Feature: New AI Race cars on race tracks.
    * New Feature: We are asking players for reviews.
    * Improved: Default is now 2 laps. 3 laps was too much for many players.
    * Improved: AI busses was flipping over too easy, made them more stable.
    * Improved: AI was slipping a lot, added more friction to their tires.
    * Improved: Made it easier to get 1 star on all levels.
    * Improved: Implemented new waypoint system for AI.
    * Fixed bug: Game does not ask for surveys correctly.
    * Fixed bug: AI was turning wheels way too fast causing a woobling.
    * Fixed bug: Welcome Back Achievements was awarded when you started the game.
    * Fixed bug: Car Setup button was added by mistake, feature not ready yet
    10-29-2015 11:33 AM
  6. CasualGames's Avatar
    New car BEAST

    I’m happy to announce that we’ve added a new car to Traffic Race 3D 2.

    We called the car BEAST and its got RWD with a lot of power under the hood.

    It is a bit more tricky to handle and is prone to drift but it is also much faster than Maxi.


    Whats new in
    * New Feature: New car BEAST.
    * New Feature: Casino style car unlock system.
    * New Feature: You earn coins by completing races.
    * Fixed bug: Multiplayer mode stuck on “Waiting for opponent”.
    * Fixed bug: Tilt control was not working properly.
    11-05-2015 01:25 PM
  7. CasualGames's Avatar
    Traffic Race 3D 2 – New car STOOGE


    Time for another new weekly update on Traffic Race 3D 2. This time we’ve added yet another car and changed it to the default car.

    This car looks pretty basic and that is the point :)

    It has poor acceleration, poor max speed but ok handling. Just like your first car should be!


    And we also added a paint system so you can customize your cars.


    Other smaller things that we fixed/added
    * New Feature: New starting car STOOGE.
    * New Feature: Car paint system. It costs 1c to paint the car.
    * New Feature: Intro screen added.
    * Fixed bug: GameJolt players are not asked to rate the game as this is a Windows Store feature only!
    11-12-2015 02:56 PM
  8. CasualGames's Avatar
    Time for another new weekly update on Traffic Race 3D 2. This time we’ve added a new FAST car
    A very similar car has been seen on Top Gear and therefore we decided to call it The Widowmaker.

    It has great acceleration, great max speed and great handling, its a super car


    What are you waiting for? Take it for a spin!

    This is also new in 1.4.22
    * New Feature: Added new FAST car, The Widow Maker!
    * Improved: You get 5 coins for doing missions now.
    * Improved: Decreased tolerance for multiplayer position sync = Less lag
    * Improved: Increased network send rate = less lags
    * Fixed Bug: When asked to review the photo app opens on Windows Phone.
    * Fixed Bug: When asked to review the photo app opens on Windows Store.
    * Fixed Bug: Fixed potential crash caused by timing issue and inside camera.
    * Fixed Bug: When winning a car in the slot machine you could still win the same car again.
    * Fixed Bug: Back button should quit game on Windows Phone from menu.
    12-03-2015 02:30 PM
  9. CasualGames's Avatar
    New weekly level is ready for you to try :)

    Check out the latest update at: Traffic Race 3D 2- New city level! -
    12-11-2015 04:47 PM

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