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    Vacation Parkour And Freerunning

    Form of physical activity coming from France. It is to overcome obstacles in the simplest and fastest way. Vacation Parkour & Freerunning is a game based on "Le Parkour". The game contains various elements that are based on the art of movement.

    ☑ Single Player - complete the entire game. We have prepared for you as many as 36 levels! In addition, nearly 15 different animated characters that will make you character dancing to the rhythm of your command!

    Follow the most popular tricks of "Le Parkour":
    - Speed ​​Vault - Underbar
    - Wall Running
    - Front Flip
    - Wall Spin
    - Double Kong .. and many others

    *The game is difficult and is NOT RECOMMENDED to all users.

    Tip: Swipe your finger in four directions as shown in the gameplay.

    Windows 10
    Windows 8/8.1
    10-04-2015 03:09 AM

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