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    This is a full-feature 3rd-party tumblr client. The first version was published in April this year, and with 15 updates, it now becomes the best tumblr app with the most features. Try it and you'll never be disappointed!

    wp_ss_20151214_0001.jpg wp_ss_20151214_0002.jpg

    wp_ss_20151214_0003.jpg wp_ss_20151214_0004.jpg

    wp_ss_20151214_0005.jpg wp_ss_20151214_0006.jpg

    wp_ss_20151214_0007.jpg wp_ss_20151214_0008.jpg

    Feature List:
    -instant messaging
    -dashboard, explore, account, notification
    -search blogs and posts, directly access blog, explicit content filter
    -all post types are supported : photo, video, audio, text, link, quote, chat
    -queue, drafts, edit post
    -edit your blog theme
    -live tiles
    -save images to media library or save gif animations to OneDrive
    -view images or gif animations in portrait or landscape mode
    -hold the reblog button for a quick-reblog operation
    -multiple login accounts supported
    -image quality options
    -tag history
    -activity notification
    -mention someone when rebloging
    -add a external image link when rebloging

    Download link in the windows store:
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    Thanks for the link. Good luck with your app.
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    12-14-2015 02:41 AM

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