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    Windows Store Page:

    [INFO]Using TVPLAN, keep up to date with all of your Favourite TV Shows, in a time where there are constant episodes and many Series being broadcasted every day, it can be just too much to keep track of by yourself. With TVPLAN, you can be updated when new episodes of your favourite shows come out, so that you can stay ahead of the trend with your shows. You are alerted of the arrival of a new episodes when it is broadcasted around the world, in your local time zone, or adjust the time so that it matches broadcasting for your local TV service. Your experience is personal with TVPLAN, as you get to customise all the artwork for your favourite shows, as well as adjusting when to get alerts for these notifications. You can also share shows, or your library with friends, so that they can see what you are watching, and watch the same things as you![/INFO]

    -Supports Trakt.TV or Local Accounts.
    -Interactive Notifications let you know when Episodes are Airing, allows you to customise when they notify you.
    -Detailed Show Information, with Time zone Awareness.
    -Keep up to date by checking on Upcoming Episodes in the Upcoming Page.
    -Catch up with what you missed on the To Watch Page.
    -Explore and find new shows to watch on the Explore Page.
    -Comment with other avid Show fans on Shows and Episodes.
    -Personalise your Library by picking which Poster and Fanart you want for each Show.
    -Set a Custom Schedule for each Season, so it may align to broadcasting in your Time zone or Country.

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    02-14-2016 06:56 PM
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    First thanks for the app.
    There is a bug like when i mark various seasons of series or using the back button without the page i am now fully loading the app will crash.
    I know is a beta version ,but the real problem is that the will not open anymore after the crash, only with a reinstall.It happens to me on phone and pc.
    02-16-2016 09:46 AM
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    NEW UPDATE (V1.3.0.0):
    -Removed all TVMaze API integration, Trakt.TV is now used instead, as it provides all of the information I needed from TVMaze, but with support for more TV shows.
    -Library AppData format has been upgraded, Sorting alphabetically is now way more reliable, (Shows starting with A or B should no longer disappear from the Library).
    -Xbox controller support partially integrated, if you connect your Xbox controller or Gamepad, a new UI should appear, showing you what buttons you can press, and what they do. (There are quite a few parts of the app that currently do not support controllers yet).
    -Show scraping now does something! If you add your TV Shows path to TVPLAN (in Settings -> Data -> Paths), as long as your folders are correctly named, you should be able to see new buttons on the summary page, one opens a file explorer window to the folder, and the other goes to selection, so you can watch the shows in app. (Xbox controller can navigate through all of the pages, via commands from the summary page, Scraping of shows will be optimised next build).
    -Added full Theming throughout the app, user can now choose between light and dark themes, as well as multiple custom accent colors, instead of just the system accent color.
    -Updated various UI colors to bring some UI unity, which is easier to theme.
    -Added Initialisation code, the app should now open more reliably and be more stable, however the time taken to start was sacrificed slightly (Although no input was accepted by the app until this code was complete beforehand).
    -Added toggles for Disabling all notifications, Episode notifications, or Live Tiles.
    -Added toggle to disable notifications for a single series.
    -Moved Paths settings to the Data pivot.
    -Show settings should now show properly on mobile devices.
    -To Watch has been fixed - Again.
    -Restructured Upcoming - Again.
    -Cleaned up borders on SplitView, updated old border from bottom stack, now visible all the time.
    -Added Syncing button to Master Command Bar, now spins when syncing with Trakt.TV, syncing text or progress bar are no longer used.
    -Moved Version No. and Changelog button to About Pivot.
    -Created Trakt.TV Cleanser, as an API issue caused duplicates, showing episodes as watched many, many, times, while some watched shows not watched at all.
    03-08-2016 07:27 PM
  4. WilliamABradley's Avatar
    (Currently publishing, the Store Listing hasn't updated yet, however you can still get the update)

    -I know it has been a long time since the last update, but there has been a big core redesign, and a few blocking bugs that have prevented me from being able to publish the app. (It could potentially be buggy, so if you run into bugs, please report them via the Feedback Hub), it may appear that a lot of features have been disabled, but the have been sacrificed for a hopefully more stable app.
    -Most of the Core Programming has been re-written to be cleaner, and more stable and reliable, switching over to Database AppData, adding safer programming practices and cleaning up structure, however, more work is yet to be done. See below for current bugs...
    -The app has been redesigned to be darker, more in line with all other apps, it also features tweaked designs for multiple sections of the app.
    -The Syncing system has been re-written, it will now also Update Series Data, and fetch Watchlisted shows, at the same time as user data. It should be more reliable, and allow you to interact with the Interface while it is updating, however, it might still lock up the User Interface if it is performing a big sync, or adding new shows to the Library from Trakt, which will be fixed in a later release.
    -The Comments Section has been re-written, it should use even less memory, It now uses Markdown Formatting, and Hides Spoilers properly.
    -Toast Notifications can now be previewed in Settings.
    -You can now disable notifications for a show, from the Action Center.
    -Toast Notifications now have a Hero Image of the Show's Fanart, it can be disabled in settings.
    -You can modify when the Episode Toast goes off.
    -Upcoming now defaults to an Agenda view, where you can see upcoming episodes at a glance, you can press View to switch to calendar, but it is currently broken in this release.
    -Filtering now has additional Sorting and Grouping Options.
    -Moved a lot of processing logic out of App Startup, meaning it should hopefully start faster.
    -Episodes can now me marked as watched multiple times, currently this can only be done via the Episode Details page (In Summary), and Trakt.TV.
    -Explore page is now fixed with working Images, clicking on a Show will take you to the page.
    -You no longer have to follow a Show in order to view Episodes, however, marking episodes watched will not follow it, something unexpected might happen.
    -Episode History should now be properly collected from Trakt.TV, meaning that duplicates shouldn't occur, as all entries are stored in database.
    -Removed Custom Accent Colors (That's what the Settings App is for).
    -New Intro Sequence for new App Users.
    -Connect Trakt.TV account is now simpler.
    -Added warning when unfollowing a Show, as it deletes Trakt.TV data (Hide Shows coming soon).
    -Settings Feedback buttons now direct you to the Feedback Hub.
    -The Shell UI is now shared with RemoTorr, so I can maintain a Shared UI Design, that can be updated easily in the future (Such as with NEON).
    -The App now remembers where it was closed, and resumes where you left off, in most circumstances.

    -Syncing might spam you with error messages occasionally.
    -Theming has been disabled (Stuck in Dark mode), Light theme too unrefined.
    -There might still be some stability issues if looking at lots of comments for multiple shows in one session (In will eventually cause the App to run out of memory, although this issue occurs in the previous version of the app).
    -The Summary Page for a show still has trouble with viewing Seasons, Episodes, and Episode Details, fixes for this should happen in a future update. (A way to fix the view if something doesn't look right, or something goes off screen, is to resize the Window, or Rotate the Device on Mobile), which should correct the view issue.
    -Sometimes the Page Title reverts back to the Title of the Previous page.
    -Upcoming Calendar shows Episodes on the wrong dates.
    -Some of the App Images may be blurry or pixelated.
    -Some Custom Season Schedule logic is implemented, but it is unstable and won't be reflected throughout the app yet.
    -Back button can be a little derpy sometimes.
    -Xbox Controller support is reasonably broken (Future Update).
    -Actor Information is disabled (IMDB licensing, and performance issues), might switch to Wikipedia in the Future).
    -Episode Watch History broken, see history on the website in the meantime.
    -Text from Trakt is only fetched in English for the meantime, while TVDB fetches it in the selected language in settings.
    -Playback from TVPLAN is disabled.
    -Profile view is disabled.
    05-02-2017 07:40 PM

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