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    Hi guys,
    After 8 months of work, we proudly announce the official launch of our new League of Legends app for Windows Phone!
    Knowing that the application market is very poor, we have put all our effort in developing the best app for the League of Legends and Windows Phone communities.
    In a few words, LoL in One provides the following functionalities:
    - Champion information (stats, recommended items, counters, builds, …)
    - Item information (cost, info, recipe)
    - Summoner profle information (ranked status, most played champions, match history, runes, masteries)
    - Current game information. User can store a list of favourite summoners and have easy access to their current active game and profile stats.

    We have a lot more ideas for development, but first we would appreciate any kind of feedback regarding the current version of the app.
    The LoL in One app is now available on the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10 stores: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/lol-in-one/9nblggh5gs6w
    For any other questions or suggestions related to the application, or if you experience a bug, please feel free to contact us.
    Have fun with it, and good luck on the Fields of Justice!

    UPDATE: Stay tuned with further updates on our Facebook page LoL in One !
    UPDATE: Version has been released!
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