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    Hello guys,
    I'm a 21 years old Computer Engineering student from Rome, and over the last 7 months I've been working hard to rewrite my WP8.1 app for Windows 10. I've now just published it: OneLocker now runs on every Windows 10 device, from phones to tablets and PCs, and it also supports Continuum.

    I've tried to come up with a scalable UI and I'd love to get some feedbacks from you guys. This is my first app ever for Windows 10, using the new UWP tools, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

    Here are some features of the new app:
    AES 256bit encryption
    Completely customizable database with sections, cards and folders
    Multiple field types (text, phone numbers, URLs, images, audio notes, files and more)
    Database backup and sync on OneDrive and Dropbox
    Password generator, password strength tester
    Lots of settings, database CSV export and more
    Two internal clipboards to cut/copy and move items around the database
    Security options, like the database auto-delete if the user enters a wrong password too many times when logging in
    Support for secondary accounts that can see the database in protected mode
    Ability to create card templates to create items in just one step
    And here are a few screenshots showing the UI across the different form factors, I'll link two Imgur albums to avoid cluttering the thread with too many images:

    The app has a trial version with some limitations, and the full version is at $3.99 with all the features available.
    Let me know what you think!
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    04-06-2016 09:16 AM
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    Looks pretty sleek!

    I'd give it a spin however I don't use a password manager :).

    Keep up the awesome work!
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    04-06-2016 09:26 AM

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