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    DLNA player "Cast to"

    I'd like to introduce my new app, "Cast to", proposed as a replacement for DLNA player "Lumia Play to".

    wp_ss_20160923_0001.jpg wp_ss_20160923_0002.jpg wp_ss_20160923_0003.jpg

    Good old DLNA player by Nokia, called initially "Nokia Play to" and later "Lumia Play to" is a good but unfortunately abandoned Windows Phone 8.0 application. Also, "Lumia Play to" has some disadvantages: it always shows oldest pictures and videos first (acceding sort order) and you need to scroll down for a long time if you have a lot of media items in your library. Also, you can't run slideshow with pictures and videos because these items located (in "Play to") in the different folders.

    So, I decided to create my own ideal DLNA player for the phone's media library (this functionality is one of a primary in our family 'cause we have two kids and relatives and friends )

    "Cast to" pros:

    • descending sorting of the media items (pictures and videos)
    • same view and playlist for pics & videos
    • slideshow plays pics and videos
    • Continuum support
    • app able to show panoramas/non-standard pics usually rejected by most of TV's
    • modern and fast Windows 10 user interface
    • live or standard app tile

    app's cons:

    • lack of QA beta testing (all my "QA team" is my wife and 6 yo daughter)
    • it works on Windows 10 devices only (no WP 8.1 support, sorry!)

    App is paid ($1.99) but has unlimited (by time) free trial version with the couple of limitations.

    Here is the Windows tore link: https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=366L1A4y

    P.S. However I glad to provide some free codes to the WindowsCentral forum members and readers. I only have a two small requirements to the people who want to redeem free code:

    • you MUST rate app to "5 stars" and leave a good app review
    • you MUST repost app's store link to your favorite social network (FB/Twitter etc.)

    Of course, I can't control the fulfillment of these conditions so it will be up to your honesty! And - please - if you don't really need this app, please do not redeem, leave free code for those people who really wants it!
    09-23-2016 07:32 PM
  2. Axeelant's Avatar
    Very good, thank you. Will test and rate, share :)

    Nice job
    sensboston likes this.
    09-25-2016 08:45 AM
  3. sensboston's Avatar
    This app is still free (during "MyAppFree" promotion and M$ mess in certification). So, who need full version of the app - enjoy at least for now! :)

    P.S. "Thank you, M$", for "helping" my home-brew business :(
    10-26-2016 09:07 PM

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