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    This app allows you to remotely connect to your Torrent Server from anywhere, so that you can keep up to date with the Status of your Torrents, easily modify Torrent Settings, Stream or Remotely Play Completed Media and more.

    Supported Torrent Clients:

    Please beware that this is not a standalone Torrent Client, and Requires a Torrent Server to be setup in order to be able to Download Torrents with it.

    This App supports multiple Torrent Servers at one time, including multiple different types of Servers, that will notify you when any Torrent Completes.
    • Adding Torrents from File and Magnet Link allow you to select the Destination and File Priorities before Adding
    • Open Video or Audio directly or Open the Torrent Folder from Network Shares, or Remotely Play or Cast to other Devices by mapping a Network Share
    • Notifications about the completion of Torrents are Actionable, and Notify you even when the app is closed
    • System Accent Color is used throughout the app
    • Filter Torrents by Torrent State
    • Support for Multiple Different Torrent Servers
    • Batch add Torrent Files or Magnet Links
    • Customise Polling, Timeout and Theme
    • Supports Touch, Mouse and Keyboard Input
    • Select Multiple Torrents to do Batch Modifications, such as Labelling
    • Live Tiles
    • Badge Notifications
    • Adding Labels during Add Torrent Dialog

    Future Release Plan
    • RSS Manager
    • Video/Audio Streaming to Remote Devices
    • File Downloads to Remote Devices
    • Sorting and Filtering
    • Different Torrent View Styles
    • Pop out the Details Pane
    • Xbox One Support

    Torrents List and Details Pane Add Torrent Dialog
    apps.150.13510798887908025.68d9a480-cfd5-451e-951a-63f22d2789c9.jpg apps.58793.13510798887908025.8707ee86-3170-47e4-8a64-ae0e32c13d1e.png
    Torrents List Torrent Details
    apps.32027.13510798887908025.00adbed7-fe22-4f4b-82b1-c90ffd30e71e.png apps.65155.13510798887908025.16a5f2ee-8282-4bb1-8620-6aab02c6d2d8.png
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    -Added Deluge Support, It is recommended that you update to the latest version, otherwise crashes might occur as support was built against versions (V1.3.13 - V1.3.15).
    -Added Live Tiles and Badge Notifications, however, these and Download Completion Notifications now require Premium to be accessed. With Premium you can pick your price (Min $1.50 NZD), which will Remove Ads, enable notifications and supports me in order to keep making and improving these apps!
    -Labels Section redesigned, now with sticky headers.
    -There is now a Status Bar at the bottom of the Window, showing Stats for the Active Server. It can be disabled in Settings > Customisation.
    -Server Name and Status are now displayed in the Title Bar when not the main window, it can also be disabled from Settings > Customisation.
    -Change Port is no longer hidden in a sub-menu.
    -If you are a uTorrent/Bittorrent user, you can try out streaming a Video from your server, by going to Settings > Customisation and Enabling Experimental Features, then right click on a server with a downloaded video file.

    -qBittorrent crashed because new properties were added since Support for the Client was added in RemoTorr, it conflicted with some internal properties in my App, which has now been fixed.
    -Selecting multiple Torrent properties for uTorrent would cause the labels to disappear.
    -Various Text Elements were hard to read in the Light Theme.
    -The Guide Page wouldn't show on initial startup.
    -You could change ports for a server to a port which conflicts with another Server with the same IP address.
    -Setting multiple file priorities didn't work.
    -Content Dialogs wouldn't adhere to Custom Theme.
    -Server Settings weren't accessible if it wasn't the Active Server.
    -Opening the Directories Dialog for a Server would crash the app.
    -Progress indicators added to Server Settings and Torrent Settings, dialogs will remain open if the Server goes offline when trying to save settings.
    05-24-2017 03:10 AM

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