1. ChrisGaiol's Avatar
    Chris' Burger

    Hi everybody.
    Advert for gourmands :
    I am pleased to introduce my new game Chris' Burger !

    The aim of the game
    Using a crazy frying pan, you should try to project as much food as possible into your burger.
    Be careful, at the slightest fail, the burger collapses and you have to try again!

    Successfully achieve goals, realize your biggest burgers and unlock many aliments !
    At the beginning it may seem easy, but the more you'll advance in the game, the more aliments will drive you crazy.

    How will you deal with this slipping tomato, this bouncing onion or this damned twisted salad ?

    You will have only one desire: Try again!

    What are you waiting to try the game ?



    Your Opinion Matters !
    Do not hesitate to give me your opinion as soon as you have time.

    I accept with pleasure every remarks, and it is very important for me !

    Because compliments are always fun.
    And because the criticisms make it possible to advance.

    Thanks you.

    Enjoy the game !​
    03-26-2017 09:18 AM
  2. Shindo92's Avatar
    Sometimes i am wondering where people are finding their ideas... but this game and the music are fun

    However it looks like there is a way to (almost) always win :
    If we tap on the pan before the aliment falls, the pan stay horizontal and the aliment just hit the pan and stay motionless on it, so it is then easy to add it to the burger.

    Maybe if the aliment was a little bouncing when hiting the pan, it would be more difficult to cheat
    04-05-2017 06:38 PM

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