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    A premium podcast experience on all Windows platforms (i.e. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Xbox, Holographic, & Mixed Reality). Current feature list is detailed below screenshots (many customization settings)

    screenshot-4-.jpg screenshot-1-.png screenshot-2-.png screenshot-5-1.png screenshot-5-.jpg screenshot-6-.jpg wp_ss_20171218_0003.jpg wp_ss_20171218_0005.jpg wp_ss_20171218_0006.jpg

    Feature List:

    - OneDrive Sync
    - Pin podcasts to Start Menu
    - Mini-Player Mode
    - Static playlist creation/management (group episodes together)
    - Dynamic smartlist creation/management (group podcasts together)
    - Custom download directory option
    - Custom start page option
    - Dark/Light Mode + custom Accent colors
    - View show notes by clicking/tapping on cover art
    - Easily discover new podcasts that are popular in various countries
    - Tutorial overlay for new users
    - Customize podcast tiles (show cover art only)
    - Customizable swipe action gestures
    - Customizable episode list order (newest to oldest or vice versa)
    - Customizable playback order (newest to oldest or vice versa)
    - Customize skip forward/backward duration
    - Customize NowPlaying duration text to show total duration or duration remaining
    - Customize Podcast counter to show new, unplayed, or downloaded episodes.
    - Customize auto-mark as played feature
    - Custom auto-delete cache file when played fully
    - Customize default aspect ration for video podcasts
    - Customize sidebar menu visibility (always hide vs always show)
    - Customize background download options (wifi+ethernet only, always, never)
    - Customize auto-download behavior (all podcasts, favorites only, never)
    - Customize toast notifications (all podcasts, favorites only, never)
    - Customize Live Tile notifications (all podcasts, favorites only, never)
    - Sleep timer
    - Repeat one/all playback options
    - Custom stream stream/download behavior when playing non-cached files
    - Customize playback control sizes
    - Seek acceleration with customizable settings (skip faster when clicking multiple times)
    - Import/Export OPML files
    Last edited by RoboLam; 02-12-2018 at 02:02 AM. Reason: Updated screenshots + feature list
    12-18-2017 11:33 AM
  2. RoboLam's Avatar
    v1.4 is now available

    • Added OneDrive Podcast Sync
    • Added OneDrive Smartlist Sync
    • Added OneDrive Playlist Sync
    • Added Custom Start Page Setting
    • Added Discover Region Detection
    • Added Option to Open Podcast Website
    • Added Pre-Built Smartlist of All Podcasts
    • Added Option to Skip Next Track if Streaming Required
    • Improved Settings Organization
    02-12-2018 02:02 AM

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