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    After a successfully Qt-App for Symbian and not so successfully Silverlight-App for Windows (original post: https://forums.windowscentral.com/ap...ml#post3246619), I begun to rewrite (3th time) the app as PWA. So it works on Windows, Android, iOS and other OS with new browsers.

    If you are working with shifts, you can try this app for free (until I wrote it completely).

    I uploaded it in the Microsoft store (on Windows Mobile you get updated Live Tiles with your working shifts):

    Or start it as PWA directly from the webpage:

    As this version is online, you need to create an account.
    It has only 10% of the precedent Windows App functionality, but if this app can be helpful for someone I can put every functionality you want (if this is possible with PWA).


    It should be simple and fast to use, but at beginning you will get some "developer"-style windows when you try to use it... Sorry for it!

    If you want give a try without registration, you can open this link:
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