1. jalb's Avatar
    They should stay in your account, but not necessarily take up space on the phone... I'll be darned if I can find a delete or remove function though. Come to think of it, this app is kind of glitchy.
    07-06-2011 07:58 AM
  2. jalb's Avatar
    07-10-2011 08:40 PM
  3. jtn05's Avatar
    I have been wondering this same thing. Makes no sense that you can't delete them off the phone.
    07-11-2011 12:41 AM
  4. jalb's Avatar
    I guess I can just delete the whole app.... seems like amazing that they'd overlook such a thing....
    07-11-2011 07:54 AM
  5. Rhody#WP's Avatar
    Are you sure they're not in the cloud rather than permanently stored on your phone?
    07-11-2011 08:26 AM
  6. jalb's Avatar
    I think they are local. I just downloaded two free titles as a test, and my available storage went from 5.04 GB to 5.01 GB.
    07-11-2011 08:52 AM
  7. thed's Avatar
    It's also possible that they're just caching the last few comics you viewed. You'd have to ask the dev how it works.
    07-11-2011 12:34 PM