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    Good day,

    For a long while I've been considering picking up a WP7 handset as my next phone. I am waiting to have a look at the first Nokia WP7 phone before proceeding though. I just have a few questions about apps I would probably want - and whether they're available for WP7.

    1. Tumblr - A Tumblr feed browser with posting/sharing ability
    2. Twitter - I think this is covered.
    3. Soundcloud - Is there an app which allows Soundcloud browsing and listening? I am aware there are a few things for uploads, but not necessarily a player?
    3. Mixcloud - Similar to above, but less likely I think.
    4. UnNethack - Or any similar Roguelike. If not I'll have to just keep hold of my N900 for that.
    5. Opera Mobile - I just really like it. Are there any alternative browsers?
    6. Dropbox - Also, is Skydrive any good?
    7. A good quality port of something like Quake or Exhumed. Is there such a thing?
    8. Translation tools, anything stick out as vastly superior?
    9. A high quality podcast manager.

    While this may seem a fairly simple list to just Google to see if they have official apps I was hoping the wisdom of the board might be able to offer me interesting options and varitions on the above - 3rd party apps for example.

    Further questions:

    1. Am I right to also assume the office integration/editing is fairly comprehensive and not something to fret over?

    2. The maps, are they actually any good? Especially in the UK? I would be interested in a map/GPS app which "works" and also has the maps loaded onto the phone (rather than having to call everything). I find this especially handy for planning.

    3. Is there somewhere when I can browse the WP7 apps online? Seems a fairly tricky task currently.
    08-30-2011 08:07 AM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    hey ,

    i can Guaranty WP will fit your APPS needs , if not now , int he future.

    the OS is still young so Apps are still coming in , and we should see an explosion of games/apps once mango comes out ( hopefully )

    second: WELCOME TO WP!!! hehe

    1. not sure what this is . but if its just for posting on forums then yes we have apps for that.

    2. twitter: yes.

    3. not sure what you mean by Soundcloud , but ifr ref to streaming Music over WIFI or 3G (4G ) from ur PC to your phone for example . you can or you will be able to in MANGO . prety sure you can now doh.

    4.UnNethack dont think soo

    5. yeah 3d Cube browser is nice , might be some other once . + we getting IE9 with MANGO

    6. use to MS cloud server , sure you saw the TV adds for W7 ( que the cloud )
    but i like dropbox

    7. right now the games aren’t amazing but we are getting some Confirmed PORTS after mango.

    8. haven’t used any.

    9. not sure right now , i know you can but I think MAngo again will bring in better once . I think i remember some one talking about this a while back.

    the office thing is good ( i like it )

    and as for the MAPS , i use it almost every day its pretty good and MANGO will bring in some extra features as well.

    best way to see the available apps and games i would Download ZUNE on your PC and brows the marketplace.
    08-30-2011 11:45 AM