07-21-2017 10:28 PM
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  1. kc77's Avatar
    Jolly Fish. There's now an option to play classic mode!
    02-10-2014 10:08 PM
  2. ShreyansShah's Avatar
    02-10-2014 11:20 PM
  3. Dnamb's Avatar
    02-11-2014 12:49 AM
  4. Eric J F's Avatar
    World Public Holidays, v., 10-2-14.
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    02-11-2014 01:41 AM
  5. AeroAqua's Avatar
    02-11-2014 02:20 AM
  6. Usama Jawad96's Avatar
    Angry Birds Star Wars 2
    V 1.3.0
    Melt carbonite pack to get 8 NEW playable characters!! :D
    02-11-2014 03:31 AM
  7. sueha's Avatar
    Badoo got a nice update. It looks more metro now (got rid of the damn gradient effect)
    02-11-2014 05:09 AM
  8. NokiAngel's Avatar
    Update for:

    Dated: 02/10/2014

    Link; MetroMail | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    02-11-2014 05:12 AM
  9. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    tile me
    minor bug fixes
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    02-11-2014 08:21 AM
  10. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    Moliplayer Pro
    1Flying Astronaut
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    02-11-2014 08:22 AM
  11. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    Samsung Link
    Music Hub
    Share Box
    Mini Diary

    ( All Updates are only available for Samsung devices )
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    02-11-2014 08:24 AM
  12. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    02-11-2014 08:36 AM
  13. Martsicky's Avatar
    Amazing Weather HD updated to 4.3 (11.02.2014)
    Added support for 10 day forecast
    New amazing images for lock-screen
    Reduced animation flickering
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    02-11-2014 09:43 AM
  14. teckris's Avatar
    02-11-2014 10:32 AM
  15. kc77's Avatar
    Flappy bird. I just got a medal so I'm guessing they've been added.
    02-11-2014 11:15 AM
  16. Akash Patel's Avatar
    Teen patti indian poker by octro now available for wp8.����
    forgot to add the link.

    02-11-2014 11:27 AM
  17. Qtweeder's Avatar
    02-11-2014 11:27 AM
  18. S Vaibhav's Avatar
    I'm gonna miss this thread once wp8.1 is released, since it has auto update feature for wp store apps :|
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    02-11-2014 12:19 PM
  19. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    I'm gonna miss this thread once wp8.1 is released, since it has auto update feature for wp store apps :|
    I still use sysapppusher to see my app updates (I can't wait for store to notify me ). Now waiting for 8.1 to replace this old method ;)
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    02-11-2014 12:39 PM
  20. Judge_Daniel's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    My app, Plant Guide just got pushed to version 1.9 on the Store. With it, I have added a way to identify the genus of thousands of species of Vines, Conifers, and Monocots. I am going to add Dicots with version 2.0, but it will add over 200 questions! I really just wanted to push this update because I fixed some aesthetics and I wanted to push the new icon.

    The app is great for anyone that spends time outdoors, so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

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    02-11-2014 01:59 PM
  21. jtoi's Avatar
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    02-11-2014 04:45 PM
  22. Lance_WPCentral's Avatar
    Unit Converter

    Last Updated : 2/11/2014

    Version :

    Change Log :
    - Added Hectoliters, Oil Barrels and Bushels in Volume
    - Added Micrometers (micron), Nanometers, Nautical Miles, Fathom, Survey Feet, Rods and Chains in Length/Distance
    - Added Rankine, Newton, Raumur and Rmer in Temperature
    - Added Zettabyte and Exabyte in Data
    - Added Drams, Troy Ounces and Pennyweight in Weight
    - Updated 'Knots Per Hour' to 'Knots' in Speed
    - New keyboard layout for easier input
    - Redesigned About page with more options for providing feedback and sharing with friends
    - New Splash Screen

    Link : Unit Converter | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    02-11-2014 09:57 PM
  23. Hongtao Bai's Avatar
    Clock & Call:
    Just updated to today, with a new feature that allows you to add a reminder to your calendar after finding a future time to chat with someone

    Link: Clock & Call | Windows Phone Apps Store (United States)
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    02-11-2014 11:15 PM
  24. Dnamb's Avatar
    v1.5.0.0, changelog

    FlipMag BETA
    Changes (v3.0.2)
    - Did you know you can tap and hold the tiles to rearrange?
    - Video and GIF support
    - Live Tile support (cycle between articles on Live Tiles)
    - Instapaper integration to save articles for reading later
    - Mark articles as read or unread
    - Options to turn on unread article count on Live Tiles and Mag Tiles
    - Set articles to open in flip view or web view
    - Mobilizer support for web view
    - Uservoice feedback and support
    - As this is a major update, please report all bugs under the Feedback section within the app =)
    Last edited by Dnamb; 02-12-2014 at 06:33 AM. Reason: Added app links and changelog
    02-12-2014 01:14 AM
  25. vinu_h's Avatar
    02-12-2014 04:44 AM
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