07-21-2017 10:28 PM
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    ...sorry! Board express acting up.
    03-14-2013 10:54 AM
  2. Matti Aladin's Avatar
    My new emergency purposed acceleration peek collector app made in Finland
    This is purposed to help determine if a person has internal injuries from accident based acceleration his/her phone have collected.
    App can run on background and in my test the battery usage is very low, call's can be recieved but using other app's will stop it.
    Program is currently free and English version is available here:
    Emergency acc | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    Program history and update page: Emergency acc

    I'm a bit after input how it reacts in different types of phones, I know they don't put expensive sensors there and there is a lot of noise in them, that do make some problems.

    One disadvantage I have noted, I do show the Earth gravity and if phone is on table negative Z-component is 1 or close it.

    Matti Aladin
    03-14-2013 12:17 PM
  3. MDak280's Avatar
    VBA8 and SNES8X received updates today. Some nice additions to the settings :)
    03-14-2013 07:29 PM
  4. vinu_h's Avatar
    Ebay and AE Skee(gun) ball
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    03-14-2013 08:59 PM
  5. aaa6112's Avatar
    Pictures Lab
    03-14-2013 10:59 PM
  6. diavol's Avatar
    The Football App
    03-15-2013 02:55 AM
  7. aaa6112's Avatar
    Quick Settings
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    03-16-2013 11:08 AM
  8. ttsoldier's Avatar
    Quick Settings
    Thanks. You just introduced me to the best shortcut settings app I have ever used.
    03-16-2013 04:01 PM
  9. Acbuono5's Avatar
    03-16-2013 07:36 PM
  10. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Chronos calendar and Fhotoroom
    03-17-2013 03:27 PM
  11. aaa6112's Avatar
    and Achtung!
    03-18-2013 01:07 AM
  12. johnnylai's Avatar
    clever camera
    03-18-2013 05:41 AM
  13. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    calendar app 3-17-13
    03-18-2013 02:27 PM
  14. beachhoppr's Avatar
    Battery Sense
    03-18-2013 02:49 PM
  15. anees_a's Avatar
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    03-19-2013 02:02 AM
  16. fwaits's Avatar
    NASA | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    - Sharing and sending for all items
    - Light theme support
    - Integration with music+videos
    - Fixed text trimming in list view
    - Improved ability to add & remove favorites
    - Latest News immediately displays
    - Privacy and Legal text

    Social Reads | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    What's new in v1.5.9.5:
    - Status update bug fix

    Skype | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Whats new?
    - Face-to-face video calls look better than ever with high definition video support.
    - Show your smile or just whats around you with front and rear camera support.
    - Video calls in portrait or landscape, whichever feels best.

    - Call friends and family with free Skype to Skype voice calls over 3G* or WiFi.
    - Make free video calls to anyone else on Skype as well as low cost calls to mobiles and landline around the world.
    - Send instant messages to friends on Skype, as well as friends on Messenger if you sign in with your Microsoft account.
    - Stay in touch even when the app is closed, with call and message notifications.
    - See all your Skype contacts in the People Hub**. System requirements:
    - Skype for Windows Phone 8 requires Windows Phone 8.
    - To ensure the best quality experience, Skype for Windows Phone requires a minimum of 512MB of memory. For the best Skype experience, we recommend using an unlimited data plan or a WiFi connection. Want to know more? Visit Skype for Windows Phone: Download Skype for Windows Phone, free video chat, SMS and IM Got a question? Check Skypes FAQ page: http://skype.com/go/help.faq.windowsphone

    * Operator data charges may apply.
    ** Available on Windows Phone version 8.0.10211.204 and above.
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    03-19-2013 02:13 AM
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    03-19-2013 05:34 AM
  18. Chris_Kez's Avatar
    Got an update to "network" on my Lumia 920 this morning. No idea what has changed.
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    03-19-2013 12:04 PM
  19. Kavu2's Avatar
    Photosynth v 1.6

    - Mitigation for camera viewfinder turning green after using Photosynth
    - Update to camera calibration logic to properly preserve field of view information
    - Improvements to auto-cropping a flat panorama for sharing or saving to camera roll

    Actually am having issues w/updating process. "This app is not available for your device. Tap here for more info"
    "App not available...this might be because your phone software needs to be updated, the app is exclusive to a different mobile provider, or the app is not available in your country/region"

    Hmmmm....HTC 8X here US...previously had it. Uninstalled attempted to re-install and got this. One time it allowed to install but wanted to sign up for X-box???????

    Issued resolved...d/l successful thru wp8.com online store
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    03-19-2013 01:09 PM
  20. aaa6112's Avatar
    03-19-2013 07:03 PM
  21. beachhoppr's Avatar
    03-19-2013 09:26 PM
  22. anees_a's Avatar
    03-19-2013 10:50 PM
  23. anees_a's Avatar
    UC Browser

    2.8.2 Note: Increased Language Support now available to all users

    What’s New in this version:
    1.Night Mode Optimization
    2.Increased Language Support
    3.Website address auto-complete
    4.Better Privacy Support

    ★Flexible Modes
    Includes Night Mode, Speed Mode, Incognito Browsing, Text-only Browsing. Added a brightness control for Night Mode.

    ★Smart Downloads
    Keeps the screen on while downloading, which makes sure your Wi-Fi stays connected.

    ★Customized Themes & Lockscreen Wallpaper
    Change the browser skin from the UC Theme Center. These can also be used as lockscreen wallpaper.

    ★Multi-tabs management
    Multiple tabs help you switch between different sites without refreshing.

    ★Speed Dial
    Speed Dial and Site Navigation offer you a convenient way to access your favorite sites, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo and NY times.


    Video Player for VLC

    Version 1.6 fixes problems on Linux.
    03-20-2013 03:43 AM
  24. nachikethas's Avatar
    why uc browser and skype are not showing updates notification automatically in store? few days before the drive+ showed it
    03-20-2013 03:54 AM
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