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    I have a question on how the process works.

    Who exactly are the people that develop the "official" apps out there? Think any big name company or website, product or whatever: CNN, Bloomberg, Thomas and Friends (my son loves them), Citibank, Chase Bank, Nike, Dominos Pizza.... the White House!!.....the list is endless, yet they all, they all.... have iPhone apps. And now, even Android apps. Boo!

    How does somebody get WHOEVER the person that is responsible for making the "official" app for the company to make a Windows Phone app? And why haven't they yet? I get iPhone and Droid are unfortunately light years ahead of Windows Phone in the marketshare, yet still, being the Windows Phone fanboy that I be, I want to see the "official" app come to Windows Phone.

    You stroll the present Marketplace, and you see all sorts of, what do they call it, "Indie" developer apps. There's different variations of tasks apps, soundboard apps, game apps, a ton of useless books... y'all know what I am talking about. So we have those devs at hand, more power to them to make whatever they want (yet unfortunately too often, useless apps). But who are the ones in charge of "official" ones, I wonder??

    So once again, how would one get that "official" guy to develop for Windows Phone? Why aren't they here already, and what would make them drag their feet about doing Windows Phone?

    Just really curious, and thanks for any replies!
    10-21-2011 01:07 PM
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    10-21-2011 01:46 PM
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    Hey SEKKDS :)

    lets see if i can help a little :)

    - Official apps are normally develop by the companies them self , GAMELOFT made assassin creed , RBC bank makes the RBC apps. ect.....

    like you have notice most apps came out on Iphone first (because they have the biggest market) google started catching up so they started making some for Android,

    if the WP market continues to grow , we will see more an more get ported to WP ( it’s a matter of time )
    Also you can start a petition and send e-mails to does companies to make games/apps for WP , if the demand is high enough most DEV are open to it.

    Official apps = Any apps Published by MICROSOFT. (XBL games ) normally develop by partners of MS,

    Indie games/apps are you typical Programmer making it from his parents basement , anyone, even you could make one. Unfortunately most of them suck .

    Also Small Developing Companies ( that are AMAZING ) also make Indie games. Apps like BANK apps most likely would be considered INDIE as well seeing they are not partners with MS

    ( but it doesn’t stop them from making a GREAT app like the WPcentral app that our beloved http://forums.windowscentral.com/mem...aytbennett.htm made for us ;) )

    basically if you want better official apps or better apps in general , you need to harass and beg and make them see its WORTH making an app for WP. (like with a petition )
    10-21-2011 02:07 PM
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    Thanks for the reply Se1fcr3ation,

    I get the tie-in, obviously, of RBC makes the RBC official app, that being somebody from within the company, authroized to make apps for them and represent them the best they can. I just wonder how does somebody get that one person, or company as a whole to get their heads out of their iPhone's butt (did that make sense... iPhone have a butt??... uhhh, anyway....), and realize Windows Phone should be played with too.

    Once again, this is all about just wishing I could go to any company's website of my pickings, and see their apps section where they won't just have iPhone and Droid, but also Windows Phone would be just as commonplace.
    10-21-2011 02:52 PM
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    yeah , like i said its just a matter of time before they take their heads out of their Iphones butt LOL...

    more the WP market grows ( in terms of users ) more companies will see its worth investing into WP..

    making an APP int free , and if the profit is not high enough they simply wont do it...

    again , its just a matter of time, the WP OS is still under 1 years old ... so we need to be patient

    this is one of the disadvantage of getting a WP early BUT the advantage is to help grow the market for future users :)
    10-21-2011 03:02 PM

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