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    Started my new WP adventure earlier this week. What a fantastic UI experience. Took about 15 minutes for core setup after adding Windows LIVE ID and Exchange Email Address.

    Quickly jumped into the APPS. The variety was "as advertised". WP developers have done a great job of creating a nice inventory of APPS.

    I have the usual suspects PINNED: Connectivity, Facebook, Twitter, and Flashlight. Also downloaded I'm a WP7, Baseball Stats, Amazon, CNN, Engadget, ESPN, Fox, You Tube, some HTC APPS, and - of course - WPC. Snagged a few games, too: Angry Birds and PES Soccer.

    Noticed a few favorites missing. First of all, I am still a little taken back that there are no battery APPS out there yet. I think there were 50 Battery Gadgets out 30 days after Vista was released! It would be nice to have a battery tile without the need for a jailbreak. Also noticed that a few of our XBox superstars were missing: Madden and FIFA. Seems to me that if 3 WP developers in a basement can come up with such cool stuff, that a big company like Madden or EA could pull aside a handful of developers to support the WP platform.

    Besides a few missing APPS that are supported by Android and iOS, I would say that WP is the way to go - hands down. I seem to remember 1 week of setup and 1 trip to the Apple Store to set up my wife's iPhone and MobileMe last December!!!
    11-24-2011 07:59 AM
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    hey maddogFL62 and welcome to Wp :)

    heheh glad your enjoying it so far...

    for the battery app , the only work around we have now is : PIN setting to home screen , and you can see Battery % in the Battery saver section..... better then nothing i guess. ( we dint even have that pre-mango ) we have a longer work around trough diagnostic tools, but it takes longer.

    i think we dotn have some of does cause some of the API needed are still missing.. i think,,

    as for the missing sport games,, i can say that PES is actually better then EA`s FIFA ( on iphone )

    for the football game allot of us are waiting on it as well as a HOCKEY game , i know I was wishing for the EA hockey ever sints WP came out last year lol.

    i think will start seeing more and more BIG titles games come to WP as the market for Wp grows...
    i think if the DEV dont see a advantage they simply dont bother porting or making wp7 games/apps.

    well in the end , happy your happy :) heheh
    11-24-2011 09:47 AM
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    The battery app is an odd one. All the Homebrew app does is display the current percentage (updates every 30 minutes) and links directly to Battery Saver. Not much different than Network Dashboard that shows WiFi status ad links directly to WiFi settings. Not sure why a battery app couldn't pass Marketplace certification.

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    11-24-2011 09:54 AM