1. johnmcd348's Avatar
    Ok, so I found myself a little disappointed yesterday. I was away from home for awhile and my son asked me where Santa was in case we'd missed him. So, I went to NORAD Santa and couldn't pull it up due to needing either Java or flash. I don't know. So I went to marketplace to find an app and there were 2. Both.99 and neither one very good. Fortunately my wife was able to get a free app on here that worked well.

    Now, am I wrong in thinking something like this just goes to show a lack of support for the platform? It's hard to sell people on this platform when all the others can pull out apps that we really have no comparison for.
    12-25-2011 04:51 PM
  2. baseballbert's Avatar
    Agreed. Bummed out there wasn't a good one.
    12-26-2011 12:11 AM
  3. johnmcd348's Avatar
    I can understand that it's pretty much a gimmick app and 1 time use but, The lack of Flash and Java support kinda shows a weakness to a point. Microsoft is so hard set that HTML5 WILL be the standard all others will follow, they're cutting off their noses despite their face as it were.
    12-26-2011 06:48 AM