1. glen201's Avatar
    I'm unable to purchase SlingPlayer for Windows Phone on either the web marketplace, the phone itself, or via Zune for the last 24 hours. I have successfully paid for other apps today, so my credit (debit) card is set up and working properly and all the crazy account issues the marketplace has seems to not be the issue.

    On the phone I get the error "Marketplace isn't available at the moment. Please check back in a bit. Error code: c101c400"

    On zune, I clicked through the Buy Now button on slignbox.com into Zune and after clicking buy, I get "Service error. Please try your purchase again"

    On windowsphone.com/marketplace, the error "Can't get app. Something went wrong. Try again later"

    Is there an issue with Marketplace going on right now? Is there a MS phone number to actually TALK (wow, what a concept) with someone to see what the issue is?

    01-02-2012 10:07 AM