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    Hey guys just letting you know. Updates for two of my apps finally got pushed out after being held up at Microsoft forever it seems.

    Quick Contact Info is for quickly and easily sending contact information via email or txt message. Create custom headers, footers, etc now! New version is much more customizable then previous, and much faster! I already submitted a slight update to improve scrolling, so if you check it out and that is an issue, hang in there!

    The other app (which was on the app spotlight here, which you guys should do for this ones well!) is Quick Easy Note. It was updated, faster performance, as well as the ability to send the note via txt or email if you ever decide you need to. It is all about QUICKLY jotting down information. Short term information typically. No need to save, open files, etc. Just quick!

    Maybe some of you will find them useful. I do; I made them for my self. Enjoy!

    I also just made a batch of triple chocolate cookies, but unfortunately I can not share those with you so you will have to settle for the apps.
    01-10-2012 04:48 PM