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    Ever since I moved to Windows Phone, I've been asking various mobile app developers not currently represented in the WP7 marketplace whether they have plans to bring their apps to Windows Phone.

    Masabi offer a mobile ticketing solution for rail transport operators. Their solutions are widely deployed by many rail operators in the UK, and allows customers to search for and buy tickets on their phone using an app, which then allows (where available) the ticket to be stored as a virtual 'M-Ticket' that can be displayed to ticket-inspectors from the phone when required.

    The app is made by Masabi and is then branded up by the various rail operators, and is available on most SmartPhones ... but not yet on Windows Phone.

    Masabi have responded to a tweet I posted asking whether they would be bringing their apps to Windows Phone, and they responded by simply saying "Yes, Watch this space". This response, coupled with job ads on their website that show they're actively recruiting developers with Windows Phone development experience means it's quite likely that this app could be coming to Windows Phone.

    No idea of timescales at this stage, but if these mobile ticketing solutions do appear on Windows Phone, then it will help boost the usefullness of Windows Phone in the eyes of rail users, who in many cases are currently being bombarded by marketing from the rail operators who are keen to get people using these apps that they have (presumably) invested a fair amount of time and money in!
    01-17-2012 05:51 AM