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    Square Enix has released their first app for the Windows Phone platform. It is a social marketing app for their recently released Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Xbox360 and Playstation3. The app's name is モーグルのTWEETキャッチ (Moggle's Tweet Chatch).

    It's a first time application that appears to just be a web app using the IE browers. The main features of the application are a collection of promotional items for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and aa game where you search for tweets. You can tweet yourself or just search. Through this you can collect different rewards and play a tweet bingo game. The application does ask for your present location. It uses that data to help search for nearby tweets. When you find one you will sometimes get a reward in the form of a 8bit character picture.

    Other than that the propmotional material is straight forward with videos and some graphics. The animated Moogle is fun to watch dance.

    Overall it the application feels like an after thought, which is a shame. I downloaded it and it's not bad, but the use of the default loading screen looks bad.

    The application is all in Japanese, so be aware of that. I'm also not sure if it available in all marketplaces. I'm hoping to see more developers in Japan get into the store.

    Tezawaly at nanapho.jp did a post that alerted me to this app. You can head over to his website and check out the post here:
    02-20-2012 10:04 AM
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    sweet!! im getting FFXIII-2 this week probly , this is a nice little app. to bad its in Japanese doh
    02-20-2012 10:44 AM