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    I recently contacted the main dev of Beezz app (here) and asked about the current status of the app. Long story short :

    Yeah, I love that app :P

    So, here's how I need your help. Even though, the app isn't dead and the developer plans on releasing an huge (I presume) update, the truth is it's being outdated for almost a year (last tweet dates from April 2011!) It would be nice to let the developer, for those interested of course, that the app is being missed!!

    I'm not encouraging spamming but just sending out a little note that we DO want Beezz back! ;)

    Thanks folks

    Beezz can be found in Windows Phone Marketplace
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    Gee, thank you.
    03-10-2012 07:35 PM
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    Gee, thank you.
    A lot of those hits are search engines scanning the forum.

    It looks like a nice Twitter application, but I am just not into Twitter.
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    03-10-2012 07:52 PM