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    BandWidth app gets cease and desist from Speedtest.net | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    Bad news for those of you who use the free app BandWidth for testing your internet speeds on your Windows Phone, the site SpeedTest.net has sent the developer a cease and desist letter.

    Even though BandWidth doesn't advertise itself as a SpeedTest.net app nor uses their logo or name, it does use their servers for testing. Evidently the company decided to exercise their rights and they asked the developer Blake (aka 'microhaxo') to pull the app from the Marketplace. Blake has informed us that he'll do just that noting

    "It was a great run, and I'm glad I was able to help so many people."

    Indeed sir, it was a mighty fine app that we used regularly for our Windows Phone device reviews. The app was well designed, updated frequently, had no ads and was free -- what more could you ask from a developer? (We've of course grabbed a XAP from the Marketplace for safe-keeping).

    We could almost forgive SpeedTest.net if they were ready to roll out a Windows Phone app but so far we don't hear anything official coming our way.

    Pickup Bandwidth v4.2 here in the Marketplace while you still can (ironically, it was just updated today) and check our the rest of Blake's apps here.
    04-19-2012 01:42 AM
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    Twitter #dontbelame @ookla
    04-19-2012 07:44 AM
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    It shows in my Marketplace, but when I go to download it, I get the following:

    Item Not Available

    This item isn't available from Marketplace.
    04-19-2012 06:15 PM